I am tired of hearing people talk about their Constitutional Rights in reference to wearing a mask in public. It really has nothing to do with their Constitutional Rights but more about with their selfishness SELFISHNESS and not caring about others. On the news last night (7-16-2020), I saw a little girl who was maybe 5 or 6 years old with a sign around her neck that read, “I don’t need a mask.” Are you kidding me? She doesn’t even know what is going on and her parents put that sign on her. What does that say about the parents? If people gave a rat’s behind about others they would wear a mask, it really is not that inconvenient. Most of these people could not tell you anything about the Constitution or that was designed to protect the rights of All Americans.

We know what the Virus will do, not just killing some, but severely disabling others for life and none of these people have a clue or just do not care about their fellow Americans. The people with the most experience with the virus is the scientist and medical experts who have indicated wearing a mask in public can help to contain the spread of the virus. It will also make their jobs a lot easier if you just put on a mask, so if you care about first responders, WEAR IT!

The Constitution does not give you the right to infect others if you get it. Tell the 138,000 plus deceased people about your Constitutional rights. The health care workers and scientist are doing all they can to stop the spread of this virus with what they are learning, and they are trying to educate and keep the public safe, exercising their obligation to protect all Americans.

It took the President of the United States and others darn near four months before wearing a mask, leading Americans astray because he thought he knew more than the scientist and CDC. Interesting ain't it? Now our local mayors and City Councils members are too scared to do the right thing. What are the numbers of those not protesting the mask vs those who are?

Those who get the virus and pass it on to others (who may die) because they were not wearing a mask or trying to protect others should be prosecuted and thrown in jail. Part two, if those fighting for their “Constitutional rights” and not wearing a mask and get the virus, I see no reason to spend taxpayer’s money and medical supplies or expose health care workers and others who respond to emergencies. Take care of yourself. You didn’t care about first responders, why should they about you?

No mask no help!

Ram Eddings,