Trump, on Aug. 21, 2019, during another one of his episodes of incoherent babbling, and they are numerous, proclaimed that he is “The Chosen One.” There was another world leader, who in the 1930s, planted the same notion in the minds of the German people. What was the result of that when very few rose up to put an end to the insanity?

The similarity is quite chilling when one considers that Trump’s racist behavior is well documented and with hate related crimes on the rise, has made no sincere and honest statements or taken any action condemning the White nationalists (White Supremacists).

Trump, the mentally unstable narcissist, continues unabated and unchecked, by a Republican dominated senate, and along with Trump, neither of them knowing or caring about the content or the meaning of the U.S. Constitution or the oath of office they took.

Although a president supposedly cannot be tried for crimes while in office, impeachment proceedings should have commenced following the release of the Mueller report in which ten (10) cases of obstruction of justice were identified. These are in addition to numerous violations of the Constitution.

It is quite apparent the Republican Senate is “asleep at the wheel” or has been thoroughly brain-washed and have put Trump worshipping far above the security, safety and welfare of the United States and her people!

Steve Bevan,