States changed election laws across the country making it easier to vote in a pandemic. You say the changes were unlawful. Well, that can be debated. What you cannot dispute is that each party participated under the same rules in their state.

What was different? Democrats were united, organized and made extraordinary efforts across the country to get out the vote. Democrats did not write the election laws or break them in the disputed states. They took advantage of them and got more people to vote.

How did Independents, disgruntled Republicans, and Democrats do it? Here’s a small example. Hundreds of women from all over our state participated in the over ten thousand member Facebook group Idaho Women for Biden Harris. We handwrote postcards and virtually phone banked from our homes to help get out the vote efforts in states across the country. I called voters in Iowa and Nevada from my home for weeks. Thousands of us virtually descended on Georgia to help their efforts to get out the vote for the Senate runoff race.

Be angry that Trump lost. Believing he stole the Presidency is a lie. Don’t fall for it.

Carmen Weyland,