Those lovable scamps in the House ended their state legislative session with their extremist flags flying. Must be time for re-election. Trying to upend education, nothing for us on property tax relief, meddling in municipal elections, spending days and days on divisive issues involving anti-affirmative action, anti-LGBT, anti-abortion, and pro-gun bills. At least their refusal to pass a bill allowing "Idaho Is Too Great for Hate" to appear on license plates for those who want it is consistent with their extremism.

How long do we want a Legislature that spends their time and our tax dollars waving their extremist flags instead of doing our people's business? We are concerned about property tax relief, the grocery sales tax, a living wage, infrastructure, mental health care funding, far better funding for pre-K through college education, and this carnival of extremism is what we got.

Until we are ready to admit the Republican party no longer addresses we the people's needs and are willing to vote for the Democrats who do — and tried numerous times this session — the carnival will keep coming back to Boise every January.

This November 3 before you vote, stop and think about what you need and want: more carnival of extremism or more help with our serious issues.

Dallas Chase,