Just saw the Stevens Performing Arts Center from I-15 today. Not only was I amazed, read shocked, but could not have been more offended if the Jefferson Memorial has been a victim of vandalism or an aerial graffiti bombardment. This is not rebranding in any sense of the word.

This is an attempt at crassness, hype gone amok and folly. Of course this is the result of leadership not in tune with the tradition of architectural design, complete disregard for tradition already in place and affront to the donors of the SPAC and the citizens who frequent the events held there.

What next, bouncing houses, vendors, tailgating at symphony performances, plays being performed and other live events? Who is your advertising company anyhow? Perhaps the same firm that does the GEICO commercials. Lets put it back the way it was conceived, designed, built, and has served the community since its opening.

William Seymour,