Rod Blagojevich was the Democratic Governor of Illinois. He got federally locked up for trying to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat. “I’ve got this thing and it’s (expletive) golden,” he said. Republican President Donald Trump commuted Blago’s sentence, presumably because he saw a kindred spirit, a man who appreciated what holding political office is for.

For four years, Republican President Donald Trump has been privy to the American intelligence services’ secretest secrets. Anyone who thinks that he will not try to monetize that information hasn’t been paying attention for the last thirty-odd years. Through most of his term, Republican President Donald Trump didn’t waste his time with any of that Deep-State PDB stuff; there was too much golfing and grifting and MAGAing to do. But now that he has lost a free and fair election fairly and freely (loss #2, depending on how you count these things), he can hunker down and bunker in and set up the DJT State Secrets Auction House. Don’t kid yourselves, kiddos: The Donald, who is today what he has ever been, would sell the entire CIA playbook – sources, methods, cocktail recipes – to the highest bidders (Xi, MBS), the lowest bidders (Kim, Maduro, Jones), and every bidder in between (Erdogan, Orban, Carlson). Charming Vlad (“I like Putin, he likes me”) may well get the goods for free, in exchange for greenlighting Trump Tower Moscow and perhaps offering the Von Trumps a new roost if they ever need one.

If a Filer agronomist who just might be descended from a German-French Dadaist poet gets to put PhD at the end of their automatic surrealist scribblings about matters political, so then should I.

Roger Freeman, PhD,