The irrational and frenzied reaction of governments and experts to the corona issue is destroying America. 2020 is certainly, so far, the worst, most depressing year of my long life. And it's not over. The overreaching incompetence and purposeful mistakes are disturbing and probably criminal. And they continue.

Here is but one example: There have been many studies over many years regarding face coverings used as disease control. There is not a single scientific study that recommends the general public cover their faces for disease prevention. Masks are found to be ineffective at best and probably detrimental due to the incubator effect, the increase in carbon dioxide and reduction in oxygen they cause and the extra effort required to simply breathe. If you want to do your own research, here is a good place to start: . There are many others.

Up until a month or so ago the Center for Disease Control did not recommend face covering for the general public. And then they received "the Science" and now they recommend you cover your face with anything. It doesn't matter, just cover your face. "The Science" came to them in an essay entitled: "Universal Masking to Prevent SARS-CoV2 Transmission-The Time is Now", Written by, Dr. Brooks, Dr. Butler and Dr. Redfield (yes that Dr. Redfield, the CDC Director).

This essay, "the Science", relies on two anecdotal stories to support its position. One is about a hospital in Boston that saw a slight reduction in transmission after masks were required and the other about a hairdresser in New Mexico who apparently caught the crud, but didn't pass it on to her customers, and she apparently wore a mask. That's it. That's "the Science" that the media and other fear mongers have been parroting so gleefully for weeks now.

There is a telling excerpt from this essay, "the Science", which nobody ever hears about: "Any type of community-based randomized trial will be too complex to deploy in the right setting (a community with active infection) at the right time (when infections are increasing) to produce actionable results quickly. In the absence of such data, it has been persuasively argued the precautionary principle be applied to promote community masking because there is little to lose and potentially much to gain."

If the stories of the corona are true then there are a plethora of communities they could study, but they know that the studies have already been completed and they know what the results are. They aren't stupid, but they think we are. I hope they aren't right.

This horrible, evil charade of anecdotes needs to end. Right now.

Recall Brad Little.

Robert Roske,