He’s at it again, Monty Ledford is, saving the world, whether it needs it or not. Actually, the world could use a little help right now, but I and a plethora of Southeast Idahoans sincerely doubt he’s the one to provide it.

He has two pet trick ponies, abortion and the LGBTQ community, and this time it’s abortion he’s beating to death. I’m fairly certain God hasn’t spoken to me and directed these words. I’m a man and feel that women should make the decisions about their own bodies and health. However if in the future I receive some divine spark I will be sure to let everyone know what’s been revealed.

But for now, it’s enough that I repeat my prior offer. I’ll give $100 to Monty Ledford if he can refrain from writing a letter to the Journal for one year from today. If any of you readers would like to contribute and sweeten the pot, I’m not hard to find.

Glenn Alford,