I am accustomed to being bored by the nearly weekly opinion columns by Dustin Manwaring while being offended by Cal Thomas. However, Manwaring's Oct. 3 article jolted me.

While he professes to holding President Clinton in disregard for lying about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, and President Obama for being mistaken (he implies lying) about whether the Affordable Care Act would allow you to keep your doctor in all cases, he goes on to defend President Trump who, at last count, has over 12,000 documented lies to his debit.

Manwaring fears socialism more than a lying president, it becomes clear. I hope he turns down Social Security when he is 65. He defends the President by saying that his disgusting attempt to force the Ukrainian president, our ally, to dig up dirt on a political rival is only words.

Trump's leverage was not words, but rather holding up $391 million dollars of military aid approved by Congress, but held up by his office with no reason, then released after his phone call.

He forgives Trump apparently for threatening witnesses, whistleblowers and all his Twitter madness which makes us the laughing stock of the world. This abrogation of Trump's constitutional duties is the subject of an impeachment investigation that Manwaring thinks will "fizzle." I hope not.

To defend this President because of his conservative judicial appointments and delivery of enormous sums of money to America's richest people, while ignoring his threats to the environment, to the earth itself, to our allies, our public land, our own farmers and manufacturers and the world's economy, coupled with his personal corruption through his business seems a poor trade to me. I personally hope Manwaring never is elected to another political position. His opinions serve Idaho poorly.

Anthony Stocks,