In response to Linda Isonides recent letter in the Journal, she wrote well several concerns that I have shared. I might suggest the title, "All Human Life Matters".

That, of course includes even preborn children that struggle to take that first breath, while standing the chance to be interrupted by an abortionist's dismembering tools. This has happened over 60 million times since made legal in 1973. Your taxpayer dollars are paying for this hideous procedure while human parts are being sold into the market. Where is the outrage?

I was enraged at viewing the senseless murder of George Floyd by a uniformed officer. What was only briefly mentioned was that both the killer and the victim worked security for the same company. We'll never know what personal grudge may have been involved. Nothing could warrant the cowardly attack on a helpless, handcuffed individual. I've called these individuals an "occupational misfit". As was mentioned, these can be found in all walks of life. Having been verbally and physically abused by a teacher, I am sensitive to all forms of bullying. I didn't, however, start a movement to disband the teaching profession nor to defund education . Mob action always seems to bring out the worst in folks.

A recent article in the Journal reported an enraged black man, shooting into a Wendy's killed a nine year old black girl. That story was quickly abandoned. Where is the outrage? Cal Thomas recently quoted F.B.I. statistics that show, out of about 3,000 black killings, 88% of the killers were black! I guess it is more satisfying to focus our concern over the other 12 %? All killing is evil, regardless of color.

Regarding our horrendous worldwide pandemic involving, thankfully, still a small percentage of the population, there is an even greater 'pandemic' coming, involving every soul that has ever lived! The good news is that a Remedy has been provided! It is ours to choose whether we accept Him.

Norv Brown,