I’m complimenting the Idaho State J. for having run the guest columnist editorial written by the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Chairman Ladd Edmo.

Chairman Edmo reminds all of us that the American tribes are not only the first Americans to ever call this continent their own homes, but that they are still themselves legally sovereign peoples. And that they are of their own historical and ongoing identity; and to be respected as such.

He is pointing out to us that the United States needs to protect Native American peoples (tribes) under the National Historic Preservation Act. Which actions, by the way, continue to benefit all of the citizens of this America.

Chairman Edmo reminds us all that these lands contain their residences, trails, burial sites, and spiritual areas, petroglyphs, healing places, battle grounds, and hunting, fishing and gathering locations. And that their sovereignty extends and includes such wonderful places in this region as Yellowstone National Park; the Salmon-Challis National Forest; Bridger-Teton National Forest; Boise National Forest and the Sawtooth National Forest.

One can read and understand that American history, of these early histories, reaches back to President Andrew Johnson, 1867.

The current American president and his political party minions / "henchmen"  are behaving as if they can undo — unconstitutionally and undemocratically — our own wise environmental laws that are protecting American national public  lands.

Why this? Money. Greed.

And if you prefer softer euphemisms: then "the economy."

Permitting the mining, oil-drilling, lumber harvesting corporations and the pasturing /subsidizing of livestock feeding on these still once native public lands.

At this time we now have a president who was not of such a remarkable history of his own family history, which began in European countries.

Most of us reading Edmo’s editorial, including my own "evolutionary history" of my grandparents who had left their own "ancestral" homes in Austria and Germany to come to America for a better life.

As far as I know, they did not come to this continent to do so by means of war; nor of violence to the native people already living here.

My own first three years — following my earning a grad degree — was for my wife and our first child (daughter) to live in and work for the Elko, Nevada, Country Public Schools; Duck Valley Indian Reservation — Owhyee, NV.

I can easily assure you that we found the Bannock-Shoshone-Paiute peoples far more respectful of their natural resources and far more "conservative" and honest in their personal relationship with both their own tribal people and very much toward me and my family.

Recently "our" or the" president of this country is continuing his totally hypocritical "war" on other people coming into America from other countries, that he has been and is hypocritically demanding parents and their children be kept from entering "his" or "ours" (meaning those of us with European roots).

That he is still spending millions plus of the American taxpayers' money on "his" (narcissistic) wall between Mexico and Texas and the other southern bordering states. That he is recommending putting up electric fences and even suggested shooting "invaders" of "his America" in their legs.

So dear reader, Christian or not, if you have not yet read Chairman Edmo’s Sept. 29 editorial, please do.

M. K. Hueftle,