As an 80 years old registered Democrat who owns guns and does not eat kale, I read this article with disbelief. I do not hate America as Entrikin alleges. I hate systemic racism and I agree with Black Lives Matter protesters. Entrikin's article mimics Trump in laying violence in the cities to the feet of protesters. In Idaho I see the far right threatening violence nearly every day in honest reporting. Ammon Bundy and his ilk, clearly hated the government in their occupation of the Malheur station in Oregon and we recently have seen armed right-wingers breaking down doors at our Capitol Building. The heirs of the Aryan Nation have created an armed situation in the Idaho panhandle that has alarmed county and city officials who seem frightened to adhere to Idaho law. These are not militias under the control of government. They are racists and white nationalists who I fear will bring violence to the streets. They are supported by Donald Trump, not Joe Biden. Trump's America has encouraged the racism and right-wing violence. His message of fear, repeated by Entrikin has the aim of getting voters to reelect him to office. Daniel Ziblatt, co-author of "How Democracies Die" views Trump's tactics as typical authoritarian nonsense. It won't change many votes, but Trump encourages his fans to take the law into their own hands with violence. Entrikin should play with his grandchildren and leave politics alone if that is possible for an ex-official with ExxonMobil.

Anthony Stocks,