I have a partial "fix" for the ugly "deranged people" problem that exists in our country today, and has existed for the past 3 to 4 years.

We all MUST make every attempt possible to get rid of the tremendous political party divide that exists throughout our entire country. We MUST get back to thinking like somewhat "civil Americans." Whatever happened to "negotiate and compromise" in the political arena? Let's ALL stop worrying about the (D) or (R) behind a politicians name. Let's require that all of our elected representatives start thinking like they have an (A) (for American) behind their name.

Next, as responsible parents, we must teach our children to put down their smartphones, put their smart tablets face down and close the lid on their laptops. We must re-train every generation to get away from today's electronics and re-learn how to look another human being eye to eye and carry on a meaningful verbal conversation. We must re-learn how to sense and feel another human beings emotions via verbal conversation; not just sit and read whatever key strokes they have sent to us electronically.

In order to arrive at a mutually agreed point on the above items, let's ALL give some very serious thought to getting back to our basic religious beliefs. If you do not have any sort of a religious background, take several weeks and visit a few different churches to find one that you feel you would be comfortable with those people in those surroundings. All Americans MUST get back to church.

This is where we learn tolerance. This is where we learn fellowship. This is where we can sit in the same pew with total strangers and at the end of the service, look them in the eye and wish them God's blessings. It is through the peacefulness and serenity of the church's settings that we can find an inner peace and re-learn to love "our brothers and sisters." It is well past the time that all Americans make a highly concerted effort to try to re-learn the meaning (and practice) of the Golden Rule ... "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."!

Folks, if we ALL do not do our part in trying to heal the divide in our country it will only continue to get worse and worse. I don't feel I am too far off base when I make the statement that if we don't get our attitudes turned around rather quickly that we could very possibly be headed for some terrible form of a 21st century civil war.

Let us all try to put some real meaning back into the phrase ... God Bless America.

Dick Elliott,