With regard to the letter you sent to all Republican candidates requesting their signature on the Integrity in Affiliation Oath, here are some questions and concerns that should be addressed prior to candidates signing that oath. Will the party evaluate each piece of Legislation, Rule, Joint Memorial, and Resolution in real time to provide daily and hourly guidance on how best to stay within the party platform prior to each vote? How does this impact the ability of an elected official to represent the people that elected them?

Will third-party evaluation of platform adherence and legislation be allowed? Will the Idaho Republican Party be taking its cues from third party evaluations from the Freedom Foundation, the Real 3%ers of Idaho, Madison Liberty Institute, the John Birch Society etc., or will the party take its cues from the majority of conservative people in Idaho?

All candidates would need assurances from the Party that the comment feature would be turned off on the ID GOP Facebook page and website. Surely we would not want nasty, negative commentary against future Republican officeholders.

While platforms are important for a political party, the current document which is over 13 pages long and contains some planks which very likely do not reflect the views of a majority of Idaho Republicans. For example the current 2018 platform includes planks which call for the repeal of the 17th Amendment which provides for the popular election of U.S. Senators and putting America’s monetary policy back on the gold standard. I think most Republicans would agree that one can be a member of the Republican Party and not hold these positions which are unpopular with the majority of Idahoans. Also, if Republican candidates feel pressured to agree with these unpopular positions, the state party may well be creating an additional barrier to electing Republicans this November.

Mr. Chairman who will pay for publication of the affiliation oath? The recently passed rule related to the oath states, “This press release may be provided by the legislative district chairman for publication in all newspapers within the district within 10 days of the receipt at no cost to the party or legislative district.” Is the state party placing an unfunded mandate upon local parties to pay for the publication?

How can rank and file members of our party feel like they can identify with a party which holds to a very strict litmus test? Surely, there is room in our party for conservatives who may disagree with interpretations of the platform.

Will the party allow central committees to endorse and provide financial support to candidates outside of their respective legislative district(s) during a contested primary? A Republican Central Committee supporting a Republican against another party in an election makes sense, but a Republican Central Committee supporting one Republican over another Republican in a primary seems to be a true misuse of resources, especially when it is outside their Legislative District(s).

All candidates in the Gem State need answers to these questions before we ask them to sign a Loyalty in Affiliation Oath. Is the Idaho Republican Party loyal to the Majority of Conservative Idahoans?


Dave Taylor, Member, Idaho Republican State Central Committee

Robert Stoddard, Lemhi Republican County Chairman

Dan Cravens, Bingham County Republican County Chairman 

Josh Sorensen, Member, Idaho Republican State Central Committee 

Gretchen Clelland, Member, Idaho Republican State Central Committee 

Stephanie Mickelson, Member, Bonneville County Republican Central Committee