YOU, and your republican colleagues have just set a dangerous precedent which will be an extreme threat to our constitutional democratic republic far into the future! Accordingly, you have established a “tit-for-tat”, i.e., Americans can expect more of this, no matter with which political party the president is associated! You have essentially said that Trump has done NO wrong and bears NO responsibility for the insurrection of his own making, contrary to all evidence that clearly indicates nothing but the opposite; HE BEARS THE FULL BRUNT FOR THE INSURRECTION! All of you who chose to unleash the biggest threat ever to our nation, Trump, the megalomaniac, are undoubtedly “slapping each other on the back”. You have given him the go-ahead for another insurrection! Actions speak louder than words and your actions shout the facts, you have given your full support to Trump, the biggest one-person domestic threat ever to our nation. How was it possible to TOTALLY DISREGARD Trump’s blatant attempts to overturn a fair election and for inciting an insurrection? You, as co-conspirators and enablers, have long favored Trump’s acquittal in any punitive action against him, and made a pre-determined decision, in a “kangaroo court”, to totally absolve Trump of any wrongdoing. But as a private citizen, he MUST be prosecuted for insurrection, rebellion, seditious conspiracy, and quite possibly, treason! Republicans have been thoroughly brain-washed and/or intimidated by Trump and his co-conspirators and those who haven’t, were intimidated by their colleagues for doing what is right; i.e., the censuring of Liz Cheney & Cindy McCain. The republican party is far past incorrigible and way beyond redemption! This can only be resolved by YOUR resigning, and, by the way, please leave my country. Your egregious actions in support of Trump do NOT reflect ANY honest patriotic or American values, and certainly NOT mine and millions of other true Americans. You have given your full allegiance to Trump, betrayed the trust the people gave to you, your oath and The Constitution! A “symbol”, which put fear in those who opposed for what it stood, was adopted by a “party” in Germany in the 1920’s. IT, is now more appropriate to THIS republican party than the “elephant”

Steve Bevan,