Congressman Simpson, you in your lifetime could not have had a more competent person than Dr. David Adler critiquing your own incompetent justifying to us, we Idahoans and all Americans, your excuses for not supporting the U.S. congressional impeachment of Donald Trump. (Idaho State Journal, Dec. 31, 2019)

Adler used the term "mischaracterizes" to define your thinking and voting behavior. A very polite "diplomatic" term.

Dr. Adler Ph.D. — I trust by now you are aware of his many years of being an academic expert of political sciences, Idaho State University; and his now being president of the Idaho Alturas Institute, which promotes the American Constitution, civic education and gender equality; thereby providing you and the Journal’s readers a very high-level (and polite) educative analysis of your own voting behavior.

You will likely recall meeting me — years ago, in the Red Fish Lake Lodge (a Sunday morning) — when you were invited to be our guest speaker at the annual Idaho Conservation League meeting.

You assured all of us that as a Washington, D.C., congressman from Idaho you would be doing whatever you could to "support healthy forests."

You’ll recall me sitting very close to you and raising my hand, and you then asking me what my question was.

I asked you to please tell us your definition of “a healthy forest.’’ You sat back in your chair from the table you had been leaning on and put your hand to your chin. Finally you looked at me and said, “You know, I’ve got to think about that.“

Now you’ll also recall that same morning as you were headed back to the airport in your rented white Lincoln and you stopped, rolled down your window and still smiling said, “That was a good question — you’ll be hearing back from me.“

Then the next time you and I ran into each other was here in ISU’s Student Union. You were a speaker there.

I caught up with you at the noon break. You recognized me, as you were headed to lunch with two people.

I reminded you that I was still waiting for you to define “healthy forest."

Again, and still smiling, you said — “Oh, yes, I do need to do that.“

I was able to let you know that I had twice more written to you asking for you to give Idahoans your "healthy forest" definition.

Fortunately for you politically, the majority of Idaho voters have a propensity to vote ‘‘party politics."

Unfortunately for the Western United States and for our thousands of acres of federal public lands, you continue to place "the economy" (money) over our precious, vital for life-environmental needs.

M.K. Hueftle