These words remind me of an old nuclear-threat movie of the same name. Or, of the Beach Boys. Or, the film starring Burt Reynolds and Deborah Kerr who had a torrid beach scene. 

It also reminds me of photos I have seen of beached whales and dolphins. Or, of mother turtles scuttling toward the beaches where she must lay her eggs, only to find it already occupied, by giant hotels and half naked tourists who apparently couldn't find enough sunshine in their own towns and cities. 

Beaches are symbolic of so many things. We have enormous coastlines depsite our Canadian and Mexican borders, so we have endless beaches of one sort or another. With one significant difference today — it's much further inland than it was in 1970 when we first "celebrated" Earth Day. 

Of course, you might have some difficulty finding those beaches with their billion-dollar resorts and million-dollar mansions. And the ever-increasing litter. Litter that has overflowed into the world's oceans has now created about seven huge islands of trash. But there's still plenty left to make our beaches an eyesore. 

But, what the hey — as "they" say: "Life's a Beach!" Yes, indeed. Enjoy what there is, while you still can. 

Donna Robbins Jordahl,