Once again, our Idaho representatives have shown that they aren't fit for office. Mike Simpson and Russ Fulcher voted this to protect Marjorie Taylor-Greene this week who among numerous shocking and racist positions, claims that 9/11 where nearly 3,000 innocent people were killed was a hoax, claims that the Parkland school shooting where 17 children were murdered was staged, claims that the Las Vegas shooting where 58 people were killed was made up to take away gun rights, etc. This woman's violent, dangerous rhetoric is not what America stands for and it's definitely not what Idahoans stand for.

These men who are supposed to represent us in our National Capitol added this vote in favor of violent extremism to their list of recent votes in favor of overthrowing our Democracy and overturning a free election, and to their silence when the US Capitol was attacked and police officers were murdered. Why are Idahoans continuing to support these men who have taken every opportunity to vote in support of these ideals that are so counter to the values of this State? It's time for a change in Idaho, its time for new Republican leadership who will stand up for Idaho and what is right.

Ben Roberts,

Idaho Falls