What motivates Pocatello Police to take the stand that they will not enforce the wearing of masks?

Law enforcement’s purpose is to uphold our laws and to protect our citizens. They do not have the option of selecting which laws, policies or mandates they are going to enforce or not enforce, however uncomfortable or inconvenient. Do they also choose if they will apprehend drunk drivers or speeders or people who otherwise disregard public safety? When a Police Department chooses what they will enforce, it is not behaving in the non-political manner intended. Embedding politics into Police Departments, the FBI, or the Supreme Court undermines who we are as a democracy; these departments are by nature intended to be without politics. We do not have the Democratic or the Republican or the Independent Pocatello Police. Our war with this virus is apolitical.

We have laws regarding the wearing of seatbelts and the use of child restraints and smoking in public places, and many other issues that we tacitly understand are important to our wellbeing. There are signs at the doors of most Pocatello businesses that masks are mandatory. Yet how many of us have seen people enter with masks, only to arrogantly rip them off or drop them below their mouths and noses after entering? I consider such people to be endangering my life just as seriously as those threatening a punch or a shot. I am a retired person, respectful of others. But I am weary of people who believe they have the right to endanger others. When I have dared to tell them I sure would feel better if they would wear their masks, I have consistently been met with aggressiveness. I will not frequent those businesses again.

Our police chief does not have the option of selectively upholding our laws and public safety guidelines. He does get to choose if he will be with law enforcement or not. It is very nice to see Pocatello Police playing Secret Santa and collecting funds for good causes. But let’s see them getting back to the real work of the job descriptions they signed on to. The very department charged with enforcing laws chooses not to enforce our city’s mask mandate? How many more people will be sickened or die? Some people need to be called to task and dismissed! “We The People” have a right to be protected from those who violate our laws and public safety guidelines.

Kathy Fisher,