I had the opportunity to attend the NAACP banquet on the June 8. I left with two very positive memories.  First of all, Dr. Satterlee, ISU president, confirmed his positive stance on the side of diversity.
During his speech, he told a personal experience concerning his own white privilege and how his friend would have been treated quite differently as a person of color. Dr. Satterlee also announced that he would pursue the establishment of an NAACP Chapter at ISU for students.

The unfamiliar term “docudrama” was made clear as we viewed Angels Within. The lack of dignity and respect given to a returning American surgeon who happened to be Muslim, was indeed the drama. As a Muslim he was treated unfairly while his wife waited in the parking lot of the airport.

It was insight as to how the prejudicial treatment can affect not only him but all others returning to the United States as a citizen and their chosen homeland. The drama within the documentary reminded me of the true life story of the Jewish physician in Pittsburg who treated the man who had attacked and killed members of The Tree Of Life Synagogue.

Whether Muslim, Jewish or Christian it is appreciated when physicians remain true to their oath in spite of indignities given them.

This is a portion of the international oath amended in October of 2017 by the World Medical Association. I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient; Certainly an inclusive stance which almost all physicians adhere.

 The showing of "Angels Within" impressed me in that this NAACP Chapter devoted most of the evening to the plight of our Muslim citizens and what is being done in the name of national security. During the course of the evening it was announced that the local chapter has as a goal to reach 100 members, small considering all of Southeastern Idaho.

Please consider sending $30 to NAACP (the oldest civil rights organization in our country) P.O. Box 4192, Pocatello, Idaho, 83707. A membership in NAACP puts you on the side of diversity and encourages our community to keep supporting each citizen without respect of color, class, gender or creed.

Virginia Kelly,