There have been a number of people who have asked me about the coming election for Mayor. Undoubtedly, people seek my input due to the fact that I have practiced law for over 40 years; the last 16 of which were spent working for the City of Pocatello. Although the ISJ has done a decent job covering this year's elections, I feel compelled to write and give my perspective.

Everything that I know about candidate Worley comes from his mailers, commercials and the comments attributed to him in the ISJ. And they scare the daylights out of me. Mr. Worley has been trained by the monied interests in Virginia. Those interests are also financially supporting his campaign. Over the years, the monied interests out of Virginia have stuck their noses in Idaho politics a number of times. Rarely do their candidates have any real policy issues to advance; rather their candidates are trained to say that they are in favor of lower taxes, "freedom" and "liberty."

And who isn't? However, from watching what their successful candidates do, I am certain that the monied interests in Virginia don't have the same concepts of "freedom" and "liberty" as do most of us in Idaho.

Mr. Worley's campaign also reminds me of the campaign to pass the so-called right to work legislation that took place some 30+ years ago in our State. That campaign was also largely financed out of Virginia and we were assured that this was a "freedom" and "liberty" issue. The legislation passed, and in fact, it continues to have their desired effect of hampering labor and collective bargaining, which also had the desired effect of dramatically changing the politics of this county. Indeed, the only "freedom" and "liberty" that came from this legislation was the right for workers in this State to be paid less. Let's not be fooled again by the monied interests out of Virginia. Vote to re-elect Brian Blad for Mayor.

Kirk Bybee, Pocatello