Mike Simpson, James Risch, and Mike Crapo must vote to impeach and President Trump. President Trump has, since becoming President, done everything he could to stoke unrest and violence among the citizenry of the United States. He has repeatedly ignored opportunities to speak out against groups like the Proud Boys, KKK, and Nazis. This behavior came to its logical conclusion on January 6th when a group of his supporters attacked the capital building in Washington DC. President Trump continuously put forward conspiracy theories and advanced political rhetoric that turned harmful to our democracy, and when given the opportunity to speak out against the protesters, he told them they "were loved". These are not the actions of a man who loves this country. These are the actions of a man who loves power almost as much as he loves himself. The Constitution says a President can be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors". If inciting a riot against the Legislative branch of the government isn't a "crime or misdemeanor" I don't know what is. No one is above the law. Those participants in the riot are being held accountable; so should the person who started it.

Matthew Frandsen,