two links on the right note comment periods on Medicaid expansion, deadlines are Sept. 22 for work requirement and Oct. 12 for family planning.

As noted in the information "the department plans to submit the soon as possible."

The decisions have already been made; yet, it is still important that the people of Idaho let the Legislature know that the Legislature is not following the will of the people.

The Family Planning waiver creates another barrier to women receiving family planning services. Any barrier means services denied to women in Idaho. This waiver applies to ALL women who are on Medicaid, not just the women who will be included in the expansion.

They have couched the reasons in political doublespeak. Does the Legislature really believe this restriction in services will achieve "better health outcomes" for the women affected?

It is baffling why the Legislature wants to limit family planning services. They want to control the personal and individual lives of the women in Idaho? They want more women to become pregnant? They want to have more children in families which already have limited life opportunities?

Please keep the pressure on the Legislature, please let them know that ignoring the will of the people is not what a democracy is about.

Apparently we must shout and scream until we are heard.

Ron Solbrig,