More terrible shootings. What is the root? There are several.

1) Male aggression: it's in the male's blood; this aggression can be channeled in positive ways, but is easily turned to destruction. This is a non-negotiable, no matter what the "gender fluidity" people say.

2) Availability of weapons. This undoubtedly plays a role. We can surely exercise some control over this without dissolving our Second Amendment rights.

3) The nasty polarizing in our public discourse; our public words (and in our electronic media world it is hard to think of discourse that does not become public) are influential, and we must be aware that public words do affect others.

4) The virtual world of mass shootings (kill! kill! kill!) that our young people imbibe from infancy on: action movies, video games, graphic novels supply a constant nutriment of violence to young minds.

5) Absent fathers; yes, it is dad's job to curb and direct the male's aggressive instincts. When dad is absent, physically or by passive abdication of his responsibility, the boy can break loose-Proverbs 1:7ff.

6) Inherent mental instability — this is rare, but in a country of 330 million even a small proportion can be too many vulnerable people.

7) Money! Let's face it, heated up social media messages bring in the advertisers, extreme political rhetoric brings in the big contributions, bloody movies and video games bring in the cash, gun sales bring in the profits.

Any "solution" offered must figure in all these factors.

Monty Ledford,