I jog on the Marshall-Racine trail all the time. I often see a gentleman filling potholes along the dirt road that parallels the trail. One day, I asked him why he does it. He told me it makes him feel good, and it's great exercise.

Just knowing there are thoughtful, selfless people like that makes me grateful for others in my life:

Doug at Ma and Paws grooms my dog, Parry. His gentle nature puts Parry at ease and makes what could be a traumatic experience for an old dog with no teeth a pleasant one.

Lynette is my dental hygienist. She is a hoot! She works for a great dentist, too, Dr. Evans.

At Henry’s, Michelle cuts my hair. She listens to my stories, laughs at my jokes, and suffers through endless pictures of my beautiful granddaughter.

Kim was my boss at the courthouse. She treated me with respect and genuinely valued my contributions. She's the smartest person I know.

I'm heading back to the classroom. I will try to help my students to reflect on the people in their lives who they are grateful for, too. They are worth their weight in gold!

Chris Lenihan,