Idaho has experienced unprecedented growth over the last decade, in large part, to the business-friendly climate in our state driven by low levels of regulatory friction. In 2020, Idaho became the least regulated state in the nation serving as a beacon of freedom for business owners, their employees, and their families living in the Gem State.

By reducing regulatory friction, Idahoans can operate their companies as they see fit without an overbearing government detailing their day-to-day operations. In Idaho we believe the lightest touch of government is the key to prosperity for our citizens, and this principle is promulgated through our conservative, Republican leadership.

Idaho’s limited government approach contributes to our unprecedented growth and mass appeal for the refugees seeking a better way of life that flee from democratic-controlled states like California and New York.

Rather than promote individual liberties and deregulation, these states have instituted crippling and overreaching government intrusion that has forced their residents to flee to more prosperous states — like Idaho.

On Tuesday, November 3, it is critical that we vote for strong, conservative leadership that ensures Idaho remains “the shining city upon the hill.” Idaho’s success is driven by our conservative values, and that has never been more important than in this election.

Carol Guthrie,