The bonds of memory often delete items or shuffle meanings of life’s occurrences for no apparent reason, when not thought about for extended periods of time. The importance of adjustments in current value systems when growing older, often determine the directions we’ve traveled and who we’ve become with those self-images we project. Not just the prejudices we’ve retained socially but those qualities that help reduce minor conflict with others. As new attitudes seem to make those decisions for us, when retaining and sorting to memory the beneficial, from the personally resentful and harmful to others within our established cultural boundaries. As we age, we often care less about who we disagree with, as it’s been learned through past mistakes that “you can’t please everyone all the time no matter how hard you try”. Conflict is contained within human nature when developing social distancing of populations on this planet from the beginnings of time. We must find ways to work together to become nonviolent and loving within our own humanity, and try to bury “hate” and the abuses of past generations while building a better society for all people. Humanity is often times a relevant compassion concerning inhumanities to man shown during violent confrontations. Hate, cruel brutalities of social violence, chaos and using fear as a controlling factor within societies must be stopped and replaced with compassion for all diverse races of our human civilization. To succeed in continuing the enhancement of the human race on this planet, diversity must be accepted as occurring for mankind’s benefit and love of each individual should be recognized as important for the progression of our species in the future. Regulations should be enacted to assist humanity to exist peacefully, healthy, and in the comfort of our surroundings of family and friends and differing social structures. No one person should feel they deserve more than their neighbor. All men, women and children should not lack food, comfort and shelter anywhere on this planet. We should strive to elevate all of humanity to a common place of comfort in mind and body to assist in the cultural and mental progression to peace, while eliminating “Hate” permanently from the soul of this planet. Or our existence will become a limited timeline, as warfare increases to determine humanities elimination to make the world a better place and not merely incinerate this planet. It may not be possible to gain control of the entire world with the attitudes of love and peaceful deliberations of differing social and political agendas, but we must take the effort to coexist on this planet while helping each other and saving the planet from humanities disease, of not being able to adapt in time to care enough, that we don’t survive.

Danny Higgins,