I saw that Governor Little offered Idaho as a site for The National Garden of American Heroes that President Trump promised to build in his July 4th speech. Also, in his second term agenda, released Aug. 23, Trump promised to build a base on the Moon with a "permanent manned presence." I'm sure as soon as the border wall is completed he can get started on these important projects. But how would it be to combine these two great ideas into one brilliant idea? Build the statue park on the Moon! It will take longer, but imagine the TV ratings when President Trump flies to the Moon on Space Force One to dedicate the newest National Monument! The only thing standing in the way of this great day for America is this election. If only President Trump can convince the American people that if we give him four more years "HE ALONE" can fix what wasn't screwed up four years ago.

Bob Madsen, 

Lava Hot Springs