In 2019, I walked into the Bacon restaurant in Boise. I took off my coat and the owner was rude because of my exposed firearm. I told him that we would leave, it was his right to ask that of us. He insulted us further, instead of giving us a refund and asking us to leave. I told gun owners of my experience, then the left flipped it that I was bullying a restaurant owner by forcing my firearm on him. Fake news was spread all over the state.

Now, Dana and Kathy Dawes of Moscow, ID are playing victims. They stated that I was harassing them by coming to Moscow. How is singing hymns, bearing testimonies, and praying in a parking lot harassing the citizens of Moscow? We exercised our right to assemble peacefully, worship and speak.

We witnessed people screaming at us and giving us the middle finger. The mayor cancelled the farmers market that day. I considered it political positioning. They were labeling us troublemakers before we arrived. I announced that we were sorry the city did this and that we would love to patronize their businesses. The Dawes said I had no business coming to Moscow. Hear this Dawes, I will address tyranny anywhere in the state.

Rep. Chad Christensen,

District 32