The symbolism of a fly on VP Pence’s head during the recent VP debate is notable. The following is an excerpt from Steven Conner’s “The Fly”.

"Because of their frivolous life, flies were used to signify sin throughout history. The capacity to command flies is the mark of the devil. Satan's lieutenant Beelzebub—the lord of the flies—is portrayed in a drawing from 1863 as a fierce fly-like creature with the skull and crossbones symbol on its wings. Satan himself, as well as many alleged witches and even Loki, the Nordic god of mischief, all change occasionally into flies. In their fly form, they have access to houses where they steal, torment, and seduce. The situation became even worse for flies when their role in transmitting diseases was discovered in the 19th century."

Trump’s administration has stolen our democracy, tormented are people, and seduced his followers with the promise of white grandeur of days past. His administration has also been instrumental in the spread of disease, the COVID 19 virus. Donald Trump is our Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies.

Kurt Smith,