I'd like to thank Lisa Delonas for being a positive advocate for Pocatello High School students and our greater community. As a PHS neighbor and a parent of two future PHS students, I am thankful to her for seeking a positive mascot (or logo, if you want to split hairs) for the school, one that doesn't rely on a caricature of an entire group of people.

I am proud that my children will attend PHS and I cannot wait for her to be their principal and their high school memories to center something fun, like a mountain lion, a bison, a mustang. High school memories should never supplant the rights and dignity of people and I see a lot of people blaming her for a change that, by absolutely any real metric, should have happened decades ago

So thank you, Principal Delonas, and keep making Pocatello a place for everyone.

Rachael Levay,