America became the greatest nation in the world because we were free to dream, free to act and free to mold our own destiny. There is a concerted attack on our individual liberty and freedom under our Constitutional Republic. Government edicts have restricted our inalienable Constitutional Rights. The First Amendment has been violated with lock downs and restrictions on free speech, expression and religion.

Jason Whitlock summed up the election with two words, love and hate. Over 71 million voters love America and President Trump. Other millions hate Trump and many hate America. The democrats, mainstream media, Big Tech, etc. used Saul Alinsky's “Rules for Radicals” (which he dedicated to Lucifer) to divided the country, demonize those who opposed the socialist agenda and just made it up. The end justifies the means.

Global elitists have for over one hundred years been promoting a world dictatorship. If Biden is certified as the president, he will implement the globalist Socialist/Marxist agenda. America could become a third world country. Socialism is promoted as an ideal solution to eradicate societal inequality, discrimination, unfairness with the goal of redistributing free enterprise capitalistic wealth. Socialism always fails as it promises what it cannot deliver. Socialism weakens and destroys the social and moral fabric of society. It is a movement to reject Western Christian civilization.

In reality Venezuela is the latest example of a socialist government. They have the power to make citizens into equal victims. They become equally poor, equally miserable, equally terrified, equally starved or equally murdered. That could happen here! It only took 10 years under socialism for the once prosperous Venezuela to become a living hellhole.

Socialism is being taught to our children in public schools via Common Core. We saw millions voting for socialism/Marxism. Remove Common Core and teach the principles of the founding of our Constitutional Republic.

Adrian Arp, Ph.D.,

Filer, Idaho