Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind only lung cancer. About 1 man in 41 will die of prostate cancer.
My father, brother and I are survivors. Early detection and treatment is the best cure. A yearly DRE and PSA blood test should be done.
Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men.
The American Cancer Society’s estimates for prostate cancer in the United States for 2020 are:
About 191,930 new cases of prostate cancer
About 33,330 deaths from prostate cancer
September has been recognized as National Prostate Awareness Month. In this month, health professionals, researchers, survivors and families take special efforts to increase public knowledge, promote screening, increase education and support research. In 2018, it is estimated that nearly 165,000 men in the U.S. will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. The men who are diagnosed before metastasis occurs have a nearly 100% 5-year survival rating and a 98% 10-year survival rating. On the contrary, men whose cancer has spread to other areas of the body only have a 5-year survival rating of 30%. This survival discrepancy highlights the importance of early detection and all its relevant factors.
Gary Wodek,