How many of you have seen Senator Risch’s campaign ad on TV? You know the ad where Risch is wearing jeans and blue denim shirt standing in a barn full of hay? Don’t be fooled. Risch is no man of the people. His net worth is $15.6 million. I guess feeding at the local, state and federal government trough since 1970 is rather lucrative.

And what has the senator done for Idaho? I certainly don’t see much evidence of much of anything. Idaho is still last nationally on education spending. Our average incomes are way below the national average.

Our jobs are still mostly low-paying jobs. And our roads and bridges are still below standards. But Risch always manages to vote for tax cuts for the ultra-rich. Stimulus payments? Forget about it. He only wants to run up the deficit for corporate welfare and tax breaks for the wealthy.

The middle class just doesn’t count. If you like your newly acquired health care coverage; Risch is against it.

I read Risch’s remark about COVID-19 in the Idaho State Journal. He thought it would go away by itself — run itself out. What appalling judgement. What a case for term limits in the Senate. We need someone in the Senate who is not a yes man. Even the Idaho Statesmen won’t endorse Risch. I voted for Paulette Jourdan. It won’t take much for her to do better than Risch.

Rebecca Hathaway,