It’s time for Trump to accept the realty; HE LOST THE ELECTION FAIR AND SQUARE and must be so convinced by BOTH PARTIES in Congress and those in his administration (if there is anything such as honor and American patriotism left in his admin.). He continues to block any effort for a peaceful transfer of power putting the security of the nation and the lives of people at risk in so many ways. He is doing this to feed his immense ego and narcissistic behavior and is bypassing our democratic processes and The Constitution, with ZERO push-back from republicans. He has become more unstable and impulsive after losing the election (making him MORE DANGEROUS THAN EVER). He continues to drum up support for his FALSE ACCUSATIONS, that the election was rigged, encouraging violence. This is another of his efforts to overthrow a fair election and remain on his throne. There has been essentially NO EVIDENCE of massive voter fraud which he has been whining about for the last six months. He is getting more desperate every day! We should NOT be waiting to see what drastic actions he may take to remain dictator. Trump has, during the last four years, created widespread havoc and divisiveness. Action must be taken, NOW, to either remove him from office under the 25th Amendment or begin a speedy impeachment on the grounds of abuse of power, violation of the emolument clause and, no doubt, TREASON and others, before it’s too late, and The Constitution and The United States of America lie in ruin!

Steve Bevan,