The right to life is not a choice; it’s a privilege. One of the most pervasive lies in our culture today is that choosing abortion is supporting women’s rights. These lies lead men and women to believe that abortion is empowering women through choice, however this could not be farther from the truth. In reality, choosing life and offering hope through opportunity of life is the most powerful decision a women can choose.

It is a women’s privilege to grant life, and it is incumbent upon us to protect and defend that privilege. We must fight for the right to life, publicly denounce this evil, and support our leaders who share this essential value of humanity.

On November 3,we will have an election to vote for our elected officials who will fight for this right to life. We need your engagement in this election by casting your vote and supporting women to protect the privilege of life.

Joan Merrell Reed,

Retired teacher, volunteer Pocatello Police Station, Member of South Eastern Idaho Republican Women, member of the Bannock County Republican Central Committee,