As near as I can tell, the time to debate the name change for Pocatello High School Indians is over. It's being done. As we know now, Principal Delanas and some school board members took the time to garner support and then proposed the change. Those Opposed to the proposal were given very limited time to respond and very little public input was sought aside from those preordained opinions sought by Delonas before the proposal was made.

Why would Delonas and others go this route to forward their agenda? I think it's pretty clear that they knew this would be a contested effort and purposely preordained the outcome by having their ducks in a row BEFORE announcing their intentions and giving the opposition very little time to include their input. The very fact that this is still being debated in the public and with media stories attests to the fact the the subject was not debated fairly before the decision was made.

I say, that's fine. Apparently, they do not have to listen to others views on the subject or any other subject. Likewise, I do not have to listen to SD25's views when they ask me again to approve their levy. I personally don't know why Delonas and SD25 would want to show their disdain for others views just a few months before they must convince us that they need more money.

While Principal Delanos and some on the current board sit in those positions, I'll be voting "No" on future levies. They do not have to listen to the public at all to pass their agenda on issues such as name changes but they have no choice but to listen when it comes to their levy. I will be heard. Will you?

This last election there was an "advisory" question on my ballot about a Chubbuck/Pocatello merger and I don't have a single standing in either community as I do not reside in either city. No question about school names was raised even though I'm within that district. No attempt to get the public opinion of a historic school name change was made. No proper debate was allowed.

I do not intend to reward this type of political wrangling. I know that there will be those who implore, "Well, don't punish the kids". SD25 didn't bother to get my opinion or they would have been informed of the possible consequences to THEIR actions before they codified the decision that they had ALREADY made. Maybe they'll learn to ask for opinions rather than tell us what they think our opinion should be. If they are rewarded for their actions, they won't learn a thing.

JC Price,