Jim Risch has learned to project and gaslight just like his boss, the gaslighter-in-chief, Trump. It’s obvious his responsibility is NOT with his constituents but belongs at the feet of his chosen new god, trump. ‘Doing the right thing” has become an alien concept and his new religion is to please a self-serving, democracy destroying, misogynistic, racist, narcissistic moron. Supporting that type of behavior is tantamount to treason and accusing the democrats of packing the court when they are not in power and when there would be no seat on the Supreme Court to fill, is just like him and his sycophantic ilk.

The unqualified person they are shoving into the Supreme Court has refused to answer one simple question, from protecting the president by putting him back in office if he loses the election to arresting people for having in vitro fertilization, since she considers that murder. There is no place for this type of insanity in the Supreme Court and packing it with his vote is a disgrace.

Helen Delahunt-Avila,