Dear Editor or other reader who respects and supports the rights of a minority,

HJR4 is a State Constitutional Amendment that will appear on our November 3 ballot. It will fix the number of legislative districts in Idaho permanently at 35. This amendment was approved nearly unanimously by our legislature in March 2020. Where were the legislators who represent Idaho’s rural counties? There has been very little reporting on this amendment since March. The Idaho Constitution originally provided representation from each county, mirroring the structure of the United States Constitution. It was described as a democratic republic to protect the minority rights of less populated rural states and counties. It was unique and effective. If it is to be amended it should be done with a thorough public debate. From my view it has been advanced very deliberately very quietly. If this passes, four or five of our 44 counties could control the Idaho legislature. This is bad for sparsely populated counties and rural areas. I have been told by a legislator this is a small step in the right direction. More likely it is a large step in the wrong direction. We must DEFEAT THIS AMENDMENT NOW and begin in January to do it the right way. If it passes now we will not get the legislature to listen to our concerns. It is too late to call our legislators. It is too late to hold public meetings. Pass this information to everyone you know. On the street, on the phone, on any and all forms of social media. JUST VOTE NO.

Jon Cantamessa,

Wallace, Idaho