Finally light erodes darkness! It seems we have within Bannock County its own backcountry version of a deep-state mentality. After receiving property tax notices 18 days late without any prior notice to the public, because of a new computer system, citizens found themselves suddenly enslaved by up to more than 50 percent additional property value, and a short time to react to bogus local and state deadline laws cut in stone. Talk about parasitic taxation without representation?

But wait. It becomes worse. Most all of the administrators leading and attempting to manage problems, conflicts, and oversights came on their jobs this past January seemingly without clues of advancing budding concerns. Have you, as citizens, ever in Pocatello heard of so much buck-passing, blaming, fraudulent justification, and old time issue-dancing?

Where are our beloved state and area legislators who care about the citizenry at all? They too should be lining up at the tax office and at commissioner doors showing the slightest concern and/or contention.

But of course in and around our area, most of our elected representation consistently receives D and F grading standards for doing nothing beneficial for the citizenry. One federal individual elected again last year has done nothing now for over 16 years in office? Certainly an electorate misinformation exists.

In the end, property owners are the last blank-check group to become economically enslaved, along with young folks, college attendees, those without homes, those not able to ever buy a home, to now our own seniors still in their homes before taking last breaths.

They’re becoming taxed out of their homes. Where would your grandparents go? Aren’t we a proud nation, state and county? Don’t be worried that movements toward socialism are upon us in today’s national thinking, enchaining collectivism is already here as an invasive ghost.

Why is Bannock County so traditionally high and outlandish with property values, compared to any other state county? Consider a host of elusive reasons: Rampant government spending, taxing giveaways to new business, churches functioning as non-taxed businesses, buck-passing political years, and frankly, inept, arrogant administrators. In fact too, the county has 32 tax levies that sustain the “highest overall property tax percentage within the state,” says the State Tax Commission.

Also, looking at your home property tax notice, there are listed seven other entities capturing tax dollars as well, though we don’t know by how much…only phone numbers are listed. How ridiculous is that? Again, taxation with vague representation before each of us must pay the bill no matter what. We’re the last Golden Cow.

Our property taxing standards are not about “complexity,” they’re about utter lunacy before our very eyes…with a lot of legislators cunningly hiding. They’re not lining up to protest, are they…? They’re a large portion of the problem!

Yes, events now are tribulations for each of us. But help us each and all when we experience resulting property taxation issues in the near future years. Remember we’ve got some 400-plus new homes coming into the area as well….

Remember also that realtor organizations, builder associations and suppliers, insurance corporations aid and advance in setting local home values. They make money, big money. They’re quiet foxes in the hen house. They’ve business-income objectives while supporting and promoting high property values, along with governance, not humane well-being accountability at all.

Ron Daugherty,