We, members of the staff and faculty of Pocatello High School, are in full support of changing the mascot and team names of our school.

Although there are both a rich history and good intentions behind calling ourselves "The Indians," we understand the negative impact this can have. Turning living people into a mythical symbol is both depersonalizing and stereotyping and can have a harmful effect on our Native American students. 

We also understand that it can be difficult to move on and, to some people, it seems we are leaving our history behind. However, we are not forgetting the past but rather adding a new episode to our traditions. We are proud of our heritage here at Poky High and will always strive to remember who we are while still looking to prepare our students for the future. 

Change is not easy, but sometimes it is the right thing to do. We at PHS are ready to do what is right by adopting a new mascot. 

Eric Rude, Tiffany Entrikin, Emily Eschler, Derk Mitton, Maygan Layson, Isaiah J. Ott, Sherri Christensen, Ray Drysdale, Matt Alexander, Holly Sibounma, Kellie Maushan, Nicole Miller, Michele Chatterton, George Asboe, Chrys Dayley, Todd M. Praska, Rachel Malone, Shawn Phelps, Elisabeth Wortley, D. Kay Jenkins, Ruth A. Millard, Daniella Long, Marly Curr, Stefan Wheele, Sheila Brower, Karen M. Suess, Teresa Horrocks, Matthew Taylor, Catherine Murray, Russell Osborn, Jacqueline Keller, Melynda Bohney, John L. Carlson, Anne Koski, Shannon Robinson, Eric Pankau, Paige Farnam, Michaela Blomquist, Rick Call, Natalie Call, Heidi Graham, Cindy Parker, Pam Ralphs, Andrea Spracklen, Thaddeus M. Ferrin, Caitlin J. Pankau, John Grayson, Mark Wetstein, Cheryl Spall, Dawnae Kirkham, Justin Vae'ena, Dellene Balls, and Laurel Anne Grant,

Faculty and staff at Pocatello High School