Idahoans overwhelmingly “back the blue” and support our law enforcement officers. We are not interested in becoming the next Portland or Seattle, where lawless behavior is praised and local leaders do not stand for the law and order that allows for a peaceful society.

Idaho consists of small communities across our state that function effectively because they trust and believe in their law enforcement officers. These officers are friends, family, neighbors, and community pillars that promote peace across our state, and we must protect and support those that protect us.

Radical leftist protestors attempt to vilify our local heroes, and we must defend their honor and commitment to serve. All communities across our state should join these efforts to “back the blue” by supporting our law enforcement officers and voting for leaders that do the same.

Peace among each other can only be achieved because our society is founded upon the ideals of law and order. Those principles are exercised in practice every day by our local, county, state, and federal law enforcement officers. I encourage you to publicly and proudly join me in supporting our police and voting for conservative candidates who will do the same.

On Nov. 3, vote for those candidates that support our police, our principles of law and order, and those that will work every day to ensure we will not become the lawless cities of Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Verna Walker,