As school starts this year, we are all feeling the loss of “going back to school” as we have always known it. Teachers will be working harder than ever this year, at a time when their salaries are being cut within the state of Idaho, and they are being asked to carry more responsibility than ever. As former teachers and educators, we want to tell you we understand the stress and frustration you are dealing with not knowing what lies ahead for you and your students. We know you are doing everything you possibly can to help your students’ progress academically, to inspire self-worth and creativity, and to instill within them a life-long love of learning. Please remember there are thousands of parents, students and community members who love and appreciate you and all you do to prepare the next generation for success. Teaching is truly the profession which is the foundation of all others! Thank you for your hard work and continued dedication. And hang in there, it has to get better, right?

Mary Ann Hansen,

on behalf of Southeast Idaho Retired Educators