Kudos to the Northwest Center for Fluency Disorders for holding their annual summer Interprofessional Intensive Stuttering Clinic! ("Collaborative Idaho State University Clinic changes lives for persons who stutter").

Not only do I think it is great that this clinic continues to help people who stutter, but also that the participants in the clinic posed for a photo to be used in the Journal. It is important that adults who stutter see this photo to realize that people can find fluent speech through speech therapy at any age.

If I may, I would like to mention that of course the Spanish-speaking community stutters in the same percentages as the English-speaking community! There is an excellent resource for the Hispanic community at www.tartamudez.org, which is the Spanish-language counterpart to the famous site of the Stuttering Foundation (www.stutteringhelp.org), which offers many free resources.

One such resource is the brochure "Stuttering and the Bilingual Child," which address how so many children in the U.S. struggle by stuttering in two languages — one language at home and then English at school or work. Stuttering in one language is hard enough!

In my opinion, Idaho State University should be very proud of the Northwest Center for Fluency Disorders on account of all the great work they do not only for people who stutter, but also for children and adults who have other types of speech dysfluencies.

Juan Gardea,

South Bend, Indiana