He says he’s going to make our country great again. He says the media is "evil" and produces tons of false news and alternate facts. He says that, as a result of that bad, bad media, the people should listen to only him because he knows the facts and the truth.

Does that sound like Donald Trump? Well, yes of course it does, but guess what? Those very tactics were first uttered and practiced by Adolf Hitler as he took total control of the German people and manipulated them as he became a dictator. The world and America well know the horrific results of that.

So Mr. Trump, we the people are calling you out on your messiah- and dictator-wannabe tactics. It’s time for you to go buy a deserted island with some of the money you’ve trampled over companies, individuals and families to get. There you can read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” all you want. But we the people of America simply want your mental illness, your pathological lying and your sociopathic self to just go away.

The sooner the better as you surely do not represent we common folks and only serve yourself and the super-rich and you do so right in the face of saying just the opposite of that daily reality.

George Coutis,