I am writing to communicate my support of the logo/rebranding of our city. I think that several people in our community have been shared a false narrative. It seems that perspective is in short demand these days. With a city proposed budget of $128 million, the rebranding campaign of $90,000 represents .0007265625 of a percent. Some comments were suggested on having ISU students provide these resources. In fact, recently Idaho State University recently completed a rebranding similar to what the City of Pocatello has proposed. The cost for ISU was more, and they hired outside of Idaho to complete the rebranding. Some food for thought. I would invite anyone to do more fact checking and inquire as to the scope of what the rebranding is. I can assure you it is more than some individual designing a logo at home. One should keep in mind this is much bigger than a logo, but a rebranding of our community. Is this important? I have owned and operated a small business in Pocatello for 26 years and I unequivocally say, “Yes!”.

When looking to shave a budget one should not focus on items that can grow revenue such as marketing and branding. Even if you may not completely agree with my point, then you would have to agree that focusing on an item that represents .0007265625 of 1% may not be a starting point. I am fearful of having elected officials or soon to be elected officials not understanding these financial points. If we are to attract the type of businesses or individuals to our Pocatello community, there must be a good “value proposition” and communicating this with effective branding is necessary. For those that disagree with me, I think you may not have all the facts, or have been misled intentionally, or unintentionally. I have personally spoken to a couple of our current city council members on this issue. After I reviewed the information, they provided to me, I drew the conclusion that rebranding made sense. I have discovered that going directly to the City for details on things such as this they have been accommodating and provided good information. This information is not matching up with what I see in social media or other talking heads as of late.

Lance Kolbet,