All members of Congress take an oath of office to uphold The Constitution but it has become quite apparent that Republicans have forsaken that oath in order to support an extremely dangerous and corrupt Trump for whom lawlessness is the norm.

Trump is “trashing” The U.S. Constitution and oath for his own personal benefit, and no doubt, also Putin’s and Russia’s. What’s even worse, are Republicans who blindly, and with no reservations whatsoever, continue to support Trump.

Mitch McConnell, has blatantly coordinated with the Trump and his regime in order to defend him, and he, and Lindsey Graham have ALREADY made it known that they will do whatever it takes to see that Trump is NOT convicted in a Senate trial.

A judge would need to recuse himself and jurors would be dismissed for similar statements/action. If Trump is not convicted in the Senate and removed from office, he and his supporters would consider him totally exonerated and the “flood gates” fully opened for corruption and lawlessness on a scale far beyond what we’ve seen from Trump to date!

Some say we haven’t heard Trump’s side of the Ukraine story (bribery/extortion plot). We’re not going to either because Trump will not allow his surrounding henchmen, Giuliani, Mulvaney and Pompeo, to name a few, to testify under sworn oath, nor will he provide any documents.

Republicans claim Democrats are trying to undo the 2016 election. That’s a totally ignorant and defenseless rant, just one of many from Trump worshipers. Impeachment of Trump is absolutely NOT about partisan politics! It’s about saving democracy and the country from a wannabe dictator who will do whatever it takes to remain on his throne, indefinitely!

Democrats are living up to their sworn oath, with honesty, integrity and honor and are upholding The US Constitution which provides for the removal from office, a president such as Trump. A conviction of Trump in the Senate, considering all the overwhelming evidence, is THE ONLY HONEST course of action.

However, the chance of this happening is from slim to none based on Republican’s past poor record of adhering to their oath of office; and the Senate just took another oath with the following words for the “trial” in the Senate “... I will do IMPARTIAL JUSTICE according to the Constitution and laws ...”.

Based on McConnell’s, Graham’s, and other Republican’s comments, don’t expect, and don’t trust them to honor this oath either! If they are no longer going to put the welfare of the country above Trump and don’t have the courage to stand up to him and do as they swore to do, it’s time to vote/kick them out of office!

Steve Bevan