I just reread the Thursday, Sept. 26, ISJ article on Rep. Tammy Nichols of Middleton; then spent a few minutes on her Facebook page hoping to understand the underlying philosophy that sustains her attacks on Boise State University and apparently the entire higher education system in the United States.

In the ISJ article, Ms. Nichols reaffirmed that she had stated, “We put a lot of money from our state that the taxpayers are paying for to help fund these universities, and basically, we’re paying for out kids to be indoctrinated.”

Ms. Nichols failed, as do most Idaho GOP legislators, to acknowledge that the GOP dominated Idaho Legislature has failed to adequately fund education in Idaho for the last several decades. And while Ms. Nichols Facebook pages reflects that she “believes in the Constitution,” she again fails to acknowledge the provision in the Idaho Constitution requiring funding for education in Idaho, a trait she again has in common with most elected GOP folks in Idaho.

Ms. Nichols, having stated her fealty to “the Constitution” disparaged the rights protected under the federal and Idaho constitutions with her comments along the lines of, “We see what’s coming out of our universities on a daily basis, they just have the climate rallies and other protests and things that are transpiring throughout the nations. It’s a huge concern."

In addition to apparently being a climate change denier, I read that as Ms. Nichols being philosophically ready to prevent student demonstrations on the BSU and other campuses, regardless of the constitutionally guaranteed right of students, citizens and university faculty to participate.

Ms. Nichols also sprinkled her Breitbart interview with the standard GOP allegations that have no basis in fact or reality: to wit, that Boise State University holds “segregated graduations and offers separate scholarships for “illegals.”

The rest of the ISJ article reflects the Idaho GOP policy on education: teach what the GOP Legislature wants taught or suffer the consequences.

One last thought from the ISJ article. House (GOP) Majority Leader Mike Moyle, among the 28 state representatives who signed the initial letter, said,” I’ve met with Marlene (President Tromp) a couple times. I like her — she’s cool.” A highly trained, eminently qualified, competitively selected university president is “cool"? not insightful, reasoned, visionary? No wonder the Idaho GOP doesn’t get the basic precepts of education.

John Sigler,