Saw a news article about Hewlett-Packard doing a study on Idaho's "educational" system. Here are a few statements the study made, accompanied by my humble opinion.

HP "want(s) an educated workforce here." That's the real reason for the study. Get it, Republicans? What the education system needs to equip kids with is “grit and determination, personal responsibility and above all flexibility."

Good luck on that. Under-educated parents can't help their children. "A statewide vision for education that honors local autonomy; a focus on literacy, from pre-K to 3rd grade; amplifying college and career pathway," Once again good luck. The parents (under-educated) don't care. The politicians (probably also under-educated) don't give a damn.

"The study will go to Gov. Brad Little’s education improvement task force." And once again, good luck

Stiofain Gael Mac Geough,