"Tailor your sweet words to your targets' particular problems and fantasies ... do not make it too specific; you are inviting them to dream ... lift people's thoughts into the clouds and they will relax, their defenses will come down, and it will be that much easier to maneuver and lead them astray" wrote Robert Greene in "The Art of Seduction."

So gun control fascists have filled newspapers and airwaves with sweet words, promising the end of violence. Just ban the most popular rifle in the United States, pass "red flag" laws so guns can be easily confiscated, and pass dozens of other "reasonable" laws.

They want you to fantasize that laws will prevent criminals from getting guns. With little effort, anyone in this country can quickly buy illegal drugs. Do you expect gun control laws to work any better than drug control laws?

Gun control laws do nothing but make gun ownership more costly and legally perilous for law-abiding people like you. The fascists want to end lawful possession. They want you to fear the law and voluntarily give up your guns. And they know that criminals won't. Don't believe their sweet lies.

Don Fleming,